[May 2016] difference between n10-005 and jk0-019

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2016 May JK0-019 Study Guide Questions:

Q431. A company plans to implement a wired network between several computers. The company wants this network to be able to have a transmission rate of 1Gbps. Which of the following cable types should be purchased? 

A. Coaxial 

B. CAT3 

C. CAT5 

D. CAT5e 

Answer: D 

Q432. A common technique used to prevent the unauthorized network devices from sending traffic across a network is port. 

A. spanning 

B. address translation 

C. mirroring 

D. authentication 

Answer: D 

Q433. Sandy, a network technician, has determined that the initial theory of probable cause was incorrect. Which of the following would be the NEXT step in the troubleshooting process? 

A. Implement the solution 

B. Establish a plan 

C. Document findings 

D. Escalate the issue 

Answer: D 

JK0-019  practice question

Avant-garde comptia jk0-019 exam:

Q434. Joe, a technician, is asked to install a new wireless router, and make sure access to the new wireless network is secured. Which of the following should be considered for security? 

A. The router has the correct antenna type 

B. The router has SSID disabled. 

C. The router is compatible with 802.11g. 

D. The router is broadcasting on the correct frequency. 

Answer: B 

Q435. A technician receives an urgent call that the switch in accounting is down. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST to troubleshoot this issue? 

A. Identity symptoms and problems 

B. Document the process and solutions 

C. Establish the most probable cause 

D. Escalate if necessary. 

Answer: A 

Q436. Kurt, the network administrator, has just finished installing a new 10/100/1000 switch, but receives reports from the server administrator that servers connected to the new switch seem to be experiencing slow LAN connections. Kurt checks the port connecting the new switch to the core switch and sees the following information: 

#show run interface GigabitEthernet 0/10 

Switchport trunk encapsulation dotlq 

Switchport mode trunk 

Switchport trunk native VLAN 10 

Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the slow connections? 

A. The servers have not had VLAN tagging enabled on their NICs 

B. Speed and duplex have not been set 

C. VLAN tagging was not set on the trunk 

D. The servers have been connected with CAT5 cable 

Answer: B 


Exact n10-005 jk0-019:

Q437. Which of the following uses eight groups of characters for addressing? 


B. IPv4 

C. IPv6 


Answer: C 

Q438. On which of the following network devices would an administrator configure an ACL? 

A. Router 

B. Hub 

C. Repeater 


Answer: A 

Q439. Which of the following routing protocols runs over UDP and determines path based upon distance vectors? 





Answer: A 

Q440. Which of the following protocols is used to disable switch ports automatically to prevent switching loops? 


B. 0S: F 



Answer: C 

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