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New Juniper JN0-102 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 15 - Question 24)

New Questions 15

What is the network ID address of the IPv4 subnet that includes the IP address





Answer: C

New Questions 16

-- Exhibit u2013

-- Exhibit --

You have been asked to establish reachability between Router 1's and Router 2's loopback addresses as shown in the exhibit.

Which two steps will accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A. Create a static route on Router 1 to with a next hop of

B. Create a static route on Router 1 to with a next hop of

C. Create a static route on Router 2 to with a next hop of

D. Create a static route on Router 1 to with a next hop of

Answer: A,C

New Questions 17

You have been assigned the /24 network and need to segment it into at least 60 subnets. Which network mask meets this requirement?

A. /27

B. /28

C. /29

D. /30

Answer: D

New Questions 18

During a password recovery, what is the next step after configuring the system to boot into single-user mode?

A. Reset the root password.

B. Press the space bar.

C. Type recovery.

D. Press the "Enter" key.

Answer: C

New Questions 19

You must configure the 2bfc:0000:0000:beef:0217:cbff:0000:5c85 IPv6 address on your device.

In this scenario, which three addresses are correct? (Choose three.)

A. 2BFC::BEEF:217:CBFF::5C85

B. 2BFC::BEEF:217:CBFF:0:5C85

C. 2bfc:0:beef:0217:cbff:0:5c85

D. 2bfc:0:0:beef:0217:cbff:0:5c85

E. 2BFC::BEEF:0217CBFF:0:5C85

Answer: B,D,E

New Questions 20

What represents the decimal equivalence of 11100111?

A. 195

B. 223

C. 230

D. 231

Answer: D

New Questions 21

You have been asked to use a 28 bit subnet mask to segment the following network block: How many usable hosts per sub-net could you create?

A. 10 hosts

B. 14 hosts

C. 12 hosts

D. 16 hosts

Answer: B


Network: (Class A) Broadcast:



Hosts/Net: 14


New Questions 22

Which statement is true about routing tables on a Junos device?

A. They purge any routes not selected as active routes.

B. They exist in two places: the Routing Engine and the Packet Forwarding Engine.

C. They are exclusively designed to handle dynamic routing protocols.

D. They populate the forwarding table.

Answer: D

New Questions 23

-- Exhibit --

[edit firewall family inet filter COS-CLASSIFIER] user@router# show

term MANAGER { from {

source-address {;


destination-address {;



then {

forwarding-class expedited-forwarding; accept;




then accept;


[edit interfaces ge-0/0/1]

user@router# show unit 0 {

familyinet { filter {






-- Exhibit --

Referring to the exhibit, which type of classifier is being used in this CoS configuration?

A. behavior aggregate

B. policer

C. multifield

D. forwarding policy

Answer: C

New Questions 24

What are the usable hosts on the .128.0/19 network?

A. .128.1 through .143.254

B. .128.128 through .134.254

C. .128.0 through .134.254

D. .128.1 through .159.254

Answer: D

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