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2016 Jun N10-005 Study Guide Questions:

Q301. Which of the following are considered AAA authentication methods? (Select TWO). A. Kerberos 

B. Radius 



E. 802.1X 

Answer: BD 

Q302. Users are reporting that some Internet websites are not accessible anymore. Which of the following will allow the network administrator to quickly isolate the remote router that is causing the network communication issue, so that the problem can be reported to the appropriate responsible party? 

A. Ping 

B. Protocol analyzer 

C. Tracert 

D. Dig 

Answer: C 

Q303. Multiple networked devices running on the same physical hardware that provide central access to applications and files, where each device runs as a piece of software are known as: 

A. Virtual desktops. 

B. Switches. 

C. PBXs. 

D. Virtual servers. 

Answer: D 

N10-005  exam question

Avant-garde comptia n10-005 pdf:

Q304. A network administrator wants to add the firewall rule to allow SSH traffic to the FTP server with the assigned IP from the Internet. Which of the following is the correct firewall rule? 

A. Allow ANY to port 21 

B. Allow ANY to port 22 

C. Allow ANY to port 80 

D. Allow ANY to ANY port ANY 

Answer: B 

Q305. Which of the following is MOST likely used with RG-6 media? 


B. RJ-11 

C. RJ-45 

D. F-connector 

Answer: D 

Q306. A technician is troubleshooting authentication issues on a server. It turns out the clock on the server was 72 minutes behind. Setting the clock to the correct time fixed the issue. Given the scenario, which of the following authentication methods was being used? 

A. Kerberos 




Answer: A 


Pinpoint free network+ n10-005 practice exam:

Q307. Which of the following cable types supports the FURTHEST distance when connecting various MDFs? 

A. Multimode 


C. Singlemode 

D. CAT6 

Answer: C 

Q308. Hubs are differentiated from switches in that between the two, only hubs have: 

A. a single collision domain. 

B. a single broadcast domain. 

C. multiple collision domains. 

D. multiple broadcast domains. 

Answer: A 

Q309. A technician is troubleshooting a computer that will not connect to the Internet. The PC is connected to the network. Which of the following tools should the technician use FIRST to understand the NIC configuration? 

A. Protocol analyzer 

B. ipconfig 

C. nslookup 

D. tracert 

Answer: B 

Q310. A network technician needs to configure a port on a switch to provide connectivity and electrical support to a WAP being installed in a warehouse. Which of the following features needs to be configured on the switch? 


B. PoE 

C. VTP trunking 

D. Port forwarding 

Answer: B 

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