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2016 Jun N10-006 Study Guide Questions:

Q61. A technician recently ran a 20-meter section of CAT6 to relocate a control station to a more central area on the production floor. Since the relocation, the helpdesk has received complaints about intermittent operation. During the troubleshooting process, the technician noticed that collisions are only observed on the switch port during production. Given this information, which of the following is the cause of the problem? 

A. Distance limitation 

B. Electromagnetic interference 

C. Cross talk 

D. Speed and duplex mismatch 

Answer: B 

Q62. Which of the following helps prevent routing loops? 

A. Routing table 

B. Default gateway 

C. Route summarization 

D. Split horizon 

Answer: D 


You have been tasked with testing a CAT5e cable. A summary of the test results can be found on the screen. 

Step 1: Select the tool that was used to create the cable test results. 

Step 2: Interpret the test results and select the option that explains the results. After you are done with your analysis, click the 'Submit Cable Test Analysis' button. 


Solution is pending. Please suggest your solution for this simulation question to us. 

N10-006  test question

Improve exam cram n10-006:

Q64. A network topology that utilizes a central device with point-to-point connections to all other devices is which of the following? 

A. Star 

B. Ring 

C. Mesh 

D. Bus 

Answer: A 

Q65. When a client calls and describes a problem with a computer not being able to reach the Internet, in which of the following places of the OSI model would a technician begin troubleshooting? 

A. Transport layer 

B. Physical layer 

C. Network layer 

D. Session layer 

Answer: B 

Q66. A network technician must utilize multimode fiber to uplink a new networking device. Which of the following Ethernet standards could the technician utilize? (Select TWO). 

A. 1000Base-LR 

B. 1000Base-SR 

C. 1000Base-T 

D. 10GBase-LR 

E. 10GBase-SR 

F. 10GBase-T 

Answer: BE

Vivid net+ n10-006:

Q67. While troubleshooting a connectivity issue, a network technician determines the IP address of a number of workstations is and the workstations cannot access the Internet. Which of the following should the technician check to resolve the problem? 

A. Default gateway address 

B. Misconfigured DNS 

C. DHCP server 

D. NIC failure 

Answer: C 

Q68. A system administrator has been tasked to ensure that the software team is not affecting the production software when developing enhancements. The software that is being updated is on a very short SDLC and enhancements must be developed rapidly. These enhancements must be approved before being deployed. Which of the following will mitigate production outages before the enhancements are deployed? 

A. Implement an environment to test the enhancements. 

B. Implement ACLs that only allow management access to the enhancements. 

C. Deploy an IPS on the production network. 

D. Move the software team's workstations to the DMZ. 

Answer: A 

Q69. When convergence on a routed network occurs, which of the following is true? 

A. All routers are using hop count as the metric 

B. All routers have the same routing table 

C. All routers learn the route to all connected networks 

D. All routers use route summarization 

Answer: C 

Q70. A technician just completed a new external website and setup access rules in the firewall. After some testing, only users outside the internal network can reach the site. The website responds to a ping from the internal network and resolves the proper public address. Which of the following could the technician do to fix this issue while causing internal users to route to the website using an internal address? 

A. Configure NAT on the firewall 

B. Implement a split horizon DNS 

C. Place the server in the DMZ 

D. Adjust the proper internal ACL 

Answer: B 

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