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2016 Jun P2090-027 study guide

Q11. Assume your storage unit has a strip size of 128KB and a stripe size of 512KB. What is the optimal extent size for a page size of 16KB? 

A. 8 

B. 16 

C. 32 

D. 64 

Answer: C 


Q12. Which statement about table partitioning is false? 

A. No data movement during ATTACH and DETACH 

B. Can partition on multiple columns 

C. Can be used in conjunction with MDC 

D. Data is available after the offline set integrity is complete 

Answer: D 


Q13. Which statement about data flows is true? 

A. Data flows define the SQL-based data movement and transformation activities that run in a DB2 database. 

B. Data flows define the processing logic that is required to run the applications. 

C. Data flows operators have success and failure ports. 

D. Data flows can have embedded control flows. 

Answer: A 


Q14. Which InfoSphere Warehouse tool will the OLAP developers use to create OLAP cube models? 

A. Cube Server. 

B. Design Studio. 

C. Data Studio. 

D. Administration Console. 

Answer: B 


Q15. Which of the following data flow operators does not have the capability of creating a persistent DB2 table? 

A. Table Target. 

B. File Export. 

C. Data Station. 

D. Bulk Load Target. 

Answer: B 


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Updated P2090-027 real exam:

Q16. Which of the following is not an InfoSphere Warehouse Model pack? 

A. Market & Campaign Insight 

B. Supply Chain Insight 

C. Financial Planning Insight 

D. Customer Insight 

Answer: C 


Q17. Which utility is best suited for moving large amounts of data into DB2 with minimum logging? 

A. Import 

B. Load 

C. Ingest 

D. Backup and Restore 

Answer: B 


Q18. Which answer best describes the IBM Smart Analytics System? 

A. Cloud based offering 

B. Virtualization solution 

C. True Data Warehouse Appliance 

D. Workload Optimized System 

Answer: D 


Q19. Which InfoSphere Warehouse capability allows access to analytical information with no data extraction? 

A. Big Insights 

B. Table sampling 

C. Intelligent Miner 

D. Analytics on Data-at-rest 

Answer: C 


Q20. What is an advantage of using an IBM Smart Analytics System over a traditional data warehousing solution? 

A. Single point of support 

B. Broad analytic capabilities 

C. Integrated and optimized IBM hardware, storage and software solution 

D. All the above 

Answer: D 


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