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Exam Code: PK0-003 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CompTIA Project+ (2009)
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2016 May PK0-003 Study Guide Questions:

Q171. - (Topic 3) 

While working on a project, senior management has requested a special report be created and distributed. This was not previously included in the communication management plan. Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST? 

A. Immediately incorporate the request into the plan. 

B. Delegate the creation of the report to a team member. 

C. Add the request to the project manager’s responsibilities. 

D. Generate a change request to be submitted. 

Answer: D 

Q172. - (Topic 2) 

At a project’s completion, the project manager documents the team dynamic. This is which of the following parts of closing documentation? 

A. Post mortem analysis 

B. Transition plan 

C. Historical data 

D. Lessons learned 

Answer: D 

Q173. - (Topic 2) 

A defect in an application code is observed and documented in the middle of a project. The defect is noted as a security risk and requires immediate action. Who is responsible for approving the required fix? 

A. Contracting officer 

B. Lead developer 

C. Change control board 

D. Risk management team 

Answer: C 

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Q174. - (Topic 2) 

A project just came to an end. The project manager is about to start the lessons learned session with the project team. On which of the following will the project manager need to focus the attention of the project team? 

A. Strengths and weaknesses 

B. Summary of costs 

C. Final performance review 

D. Transition plan 

Answer: A 

Q175. - (Topic 1) 

While working on a project, an unforeseen event arises that impacts a project objective. Which of the following should be updated as a result? 

A. Stakeholder register 

B. Issue log 

C. Risk register 

D. Change log 

Answer: B 

Q176. - (Topic 2) 

Given the following activity: 

Provide details of errors within the software that occur during verification testing that provide enough evidence that allows the software developers to resolve the errors. 

Which of the following components is this known as within the quality management plan? 

A. Quality control 

B. Quality metrics 

C. Quality baseline 

D. Quality assurance 

Answer: A

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Q177. - (Topic 3) 

Which of the following defines the purpose of a phase gate meeting? 

A. To evaluate project continuation 

B. To sign the project charter 

C. To close the project 

D. To discuss project communication 

Answer: A 

Q178. - (Topic 3) 

Which of the following project management tools helps identify trends? 

A. Network diagram 

B. Run chart 

C. Histogram 

D. Check sheet 

Answer: B 

Q179. - (Topic 2) 

Although a needed item can be made in-house, it has been determined that it will be procured. Since the scope is well-defined, which of the following procurement documents should be used and which contract type should result? 

A. Request for proposal, and cost plus contract 

B. Request for quote, and time and material contract 

C. Request for bid, and fixed price contract 

D. Request for information, and unit price contract 

Answer: C 

Q180. - (Topic 3) 

A customer has requested a change order to add functionality to the product being developed. Which of the following is MOST likely to occur? 

A. Scope will decrease 

B. Quality will increase 

C. Schedule will decrease 

D. Cost will increase 

Answer: D 

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