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2016 Jun PMI-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q76. In the Initiating Process Group, at what point does the project become officially authorized? 

A. When the project charter is signed 

B. When all the stakeholders agree on the scope of the project 

C. When the project manager is appointed 

D. When the necessary finance or funding is obtained 

Answer: A 

Q77. The Perform Integrated Change Control process occurs in which Process Group? 

A. Initiating 

B. Executing 

C. Monitoring and Controlling 

D. Planning 

Answer: C 

Q78. Projects can intersect with an organization’s operations at various points during the product life cycle such as: 

A. When there is an operations shutdown (i.e. a strike). 

B. When developing new products, upgrading products, or expanding outputs. 

C. When a project transitions from a temporary to a permanent status. 

D. When the project manager is promoted to operations manager. 

Answer: B 

Q79. The process for performing variance analysis may vary, depending on: 

A. scenario building, technology forecasting, and forecast by analogy. 

B. working relationships among various stakeholders and team members. 

C. application area, the standard used, and the industry, 

D. work to be completed next. 

Answer: C 

Q80. What is the function of a Project Management Office (PMO)? 

A. To focus on the coordinated planning, prioritization, and execution of projects and subprojects that are tied to the parent organizations or the client's overall business objectives. 

B. To coordinate and manage the procurement of projects relevant to the parent organization's business objectives and to administer the project charters accordingly. 

C. To administer performance reviews for the project manager and the project team members and to handle any personnel and payroll issues. 

D. To focus on the specified project objectives and to manage the scope, schedule, cost, and quality of the work packages. 

Answer: A 

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Most up-to-date PMI-001 free exam questions:

Q81. The process of obtaining seller responses, selecting a seller, and awarding a contract is called: 

A. Close Procurements. 

B. Control Procurements. 

C. Plan Procurements. 

D. Conduct Procurements. 

Answer: D 

Q82. In which type of contract are the performance targets established at the onset and the final contract price determined after completion of all work based on the sellers performance? 

A. Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP) 

B. Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustments (FP-EPA) 

C. Fixed-Price-Incentive-Fee (FPIF) 

D. Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF) 

Answer: C 

Q83. What characteristic do project and operational work share in common? 

A. Performed by systems 

B. Constrained by limited resources 

C. Repetitiveness 

D. Uniqueness 

Answer: B 

Q84. Which tool or technique is an examination of industry and specific vendor capabilities? 

A. Independent estimates 

B. Market research 

C. Analytical techniques 

D. Bidder conferences 

Answer: B 

Q85. Which of the following are outputs of Develop Project Team? 

A. Human resources plan changes and project staff assignment updates 

B. Project management plan updates and enterprise environmental factor updates 

C. Resource calendars and project management plan updates 

D. Team performance assessments and enterprise environmental factor updates 

Answer: D

Accurate PMI-001 guidance:

Q86. Which of the following statements is true regarding project and product lifecycles? 

A. A single product lifecycle may consist of multiple project lifecycles. 

B. A product lifecycle is always shorter than the project lifecycle. 

C. A single product lifecycle can only have one project lifecycle. 

D. A single project lifecycle may consist of multiple product lifecycles. 

Answer: A 

Q87. Which baselines make up the performance measurement baseline? 

A. Scope baseline, cost baseline, and schedule baseline 

B. Scope baseline, project management baseline, and quality baseline 

C. Cost baseline, schedule baseline, and risk baseline 

D. Cost baseline, project management baseline, and schedule baseline 

Answer: A 

Q88. Reserve analysis is a tool and technique used in which process? 

A. Plan Risk Management 

B. Plan Risk Responses 

C. Identify Risks 

D. Control Risks 

Answer: D 

Q89. The product scope description is used to: 

A. Gain stakeholders support for the project. 

B. Document the characteristics of the product. 

C. Describe the project in great detail. 

D. Formally authorize the project. 

Answer: B 

Q90. A regression line is used to estimate: 

A. Whether or not a process is stable or has predictable performance. 

B. How a change to the independent variable influences the value of the dependent variable. 

C. The upper and lower specification limits on a control chart. 

D. The central tendency, dispersion, and shape of a statistical distribution. 

Answer: B 

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