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Q496. An input of the Control Schedule process is the: 

A. resource calendar. 

B. activity list. 

C. risk management plan. 

D. organizational process assets. 

Answer: D 

Q497. Portfolio Management is management of: 

A. a project by dividing the project into more manageable sub-projects. 

B. a project by utilizing a portfolio of general management skills such as planning, organizing, staffing, executing, and controlling. 

C. all projects undertaken by a company. 

D. a collection of projects that are grouped together to facilitate effective management and meet strategic business objectives. 

Answer: D 

Q498. Which defines the portion of work included in a contract for items being purchased or acquired? 

A. Procurement management plan 

B. Evaluation criteria 

C. Work breakdown structure 

D. Procurement statement of work 

Answer: D 

Q499. Which activity is an input to the Conduct Procurements process? 

A. Organizational process assets 

B. Resource availability 

C. Perform Integrated Change Control 

D. Team performance assessment 

Answer: A 

Q500. Which of the following choices is a contract closure tool or technique? 

A. Contract plan 

B. Procurement plan 

C. Closure process 

D. Procurement audits 

Answer: D 

Q501. Which input to the Manage Stakeholder Engagement process provides guidance on how stakeholders can best be involved in a project? 

A. Feedback analysis 

B. Stakeholder analysis 

C. Communication management plan 

D. Stakeholder management plan 

Answer: D 

Q502. Which of the following terms indicates a deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition of the project work? 

A. WBS directory 

B. Activity list 


D. Project schedule 

Answer: C 


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Q503. How is scheduled variance calculated using the earned value technique? 

A. EV less AC 

B. AC less PV 

C. EV less PV 

D. AC less EV 

Answer: C 

Q504. Which of the following makes changes to formally control documentation to reflect modified or additional ideas or content? 

A. Defect repair 

B. Updates 

C. Corrective action 

D. Performance reports 

Answer: B 

Q505. Identify Risks is part of which Process Group? 

A. Planning 

B. Executing 

C. Closing 

D. Initiating 

Answer: A 

Q506. Which of the following is a tool and technique used to monitor risk? 

A. Technical performance measurement 

B. Cost performance baseline 

C. Benchmarking 

D. Cost of quality 

Answer: A 

Q507. Which of the following is an input to the Direct and Manage Project Execution process? 

A. Approved change requests 

B. Approved contract documentation 

C. Work performance information 

D. Rejected change requests 

Answer: A 

Q508. While preparing the project management plan on a weekly basis, the project manager indicates the intention to provide an issues report to the staff via e-mail. In which part of the plan will this type of information be included? 

A. Communications management plan 

B. Human resource plan 

C. Quality management plan 

D. Procurement management plan 

Answer: A 

Q509. What is a tool to improve team performance? 

A. Staffing plan 

B. External feedback 

C. Performance reports 

D. Co-location 

Answer: D 

Q510. What risk technique is used to quantify the probability and impact of risks on project objectives? 

A. Expert judgment 

B. Risk registry 

C. Risk response planning 

D. Interviewing 

Answer: D 

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