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2016 Aug testking pmi-001:

Q256. Which of the following correctly describes when organizations and stakeholders are willing to accept varying degrees of risk? 

A. Risk analysis 

B. Risk tolerance 

C. Risk management 

D. Risk attitude 

Answer: B 

Q257. Budgets reserved for unplanned changes to project scope and cost are: 

A. Contingency reserves. 

B. Management reserves. 

C. Authorized budgets. 

D. Cost baselines. 

Answer: B 

Q258. A risk that arises as a direct result of implementing a risk response is called a: 

A. contingent risk 

B. residual risk 

C. potential risk 

D. secondary risk 

Answer: D 

Q259. Which of the following is contained within the communications management plan? 

A. An organizational chart 

B. Glossary of common terminology 

C. Organizational process assets 

D. Enterprise environmental factors 

Answer: B 

Q260. Inputs to the Define Activities process include: 

A. Project scope statement, resource calendars, and work performance information. 

B. Scope baseline, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets. 

C. Project scope statement, approved change requests, and WBS dictionary. 

D. Scope baseline, enterprise environmental factors, and activity duration estimates. 

Answer: B 

Q261. The following is a network diagram for a project. 

What is the critical path for the project? 

A. A-B-D-G 

B. A-B-E-G 

C. A-C-F-G 

D. A-C-E-G 

Answer: C 

Q262. The Plan Procurements process includes documenting project purchasing decisions and what other steps? 

A. Specifying the approach and identifying potential sellers 

B. Specifying the approach and selecting a seller 

C. Identifying potential sellers and obtaining seller responses 

D. Specifying the approach and managing procurement relationships 

Answer: A 

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Q263. You are assigned to implement the project control plan. What should you do to ensure the plan is effective and current? 

A. Perform periodic project performance reviews. 

B. Identify quality project standards. 

C. Follow ISO 9000 quality standards. 

D. Complete the quality control checklist. 

Answer: A 

Q264. When alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is necessary, which tool or technique should be utilized? 

A. Interactive communication 

B. Claims administration 

C. Conflict management 

D. Performance reporting 

Answer: B 

Q265. In which Process Group are lessons learned documented? 

A. Planning 

B. Closing 

C. Executing 

D. Initiating 

Answer: B 

Q266. Which Knowledge Areas include processes from the Closing Process Group? 

A. Project Quality Management and Project Time Management 

B. Project Scope Management and Project Risk Management 

C. Project Stakeholder Management and Project Cost Management 

D. Project Integration Management and Project Procurement Management 

Answer: D 

Q267. Which technique is utilized in the Control Schedule process? 

A. Performance measure 

B. Baseline schedule 

C. Schedule network analysis 

D. Variance analysis 

Answer: D 

Q268. Which of the following is a schedule network analysis technique that takes limited resources into account? 

A. Network reserve analysis 

B. Critical chain method 

C. Lead and lag adjustment 

D. Critical path method 

Answer: B 

Q269. When should quality planning be performed? 

A. While developing the project charter 

B. In parallel with the other planning processes 

C. As part of a detailed risk analysis 

D. As a separate step from the other planning processes 

Answer: B 

Q270. An output of the Close Project (or Close Phase) process is: 

A. accepted deliverables 

B. organizational process asset updates 

C. work performance information 

D. project management plan updates 

Answer: B 

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