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2016 Apr PMI-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q586. The definition of operations is a/an: 

A. organizational function performing the temporary execution of activities that produce the same product or provide repetitive service. 

B. temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. 

C. organization that provides oversight for an administrative area. 

D. organizational function performing the ongoing execution of activities that produce the same product or provide repetitive service. 

Answer: D 

Q587. Which tool or technique is used in Manage Stakeholder Expectations? 

A. Stakeholder management strategy 

B. Communication methods 

C. Issue log 

D. Change requests 

Answer: B 

Q588. When managing a project team, what helps to reduce the amount of conflict? 

A. Clear role definition 

B. Negotiation 

C. Risk response planning 

D. Team member replacement 

Answer: A 

Q589. Which of the following is developed from the project scope baseline and defines only that portion of the project scope that is to be included within a related contract? 

A. Product scope description 

B. Procurement statement of work 

C. Project schedule 

D. Work breakdown structure (WBS) 

Answer: B 

Q590. A key benefit of the Manage Communications process is that it enables: 

A. The best use of communication methods. 

B. An efficient and effective communication flow. 

C. Project costs to be reduced. 

D. The best use of communication technology. 

Answer: B 

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Most up-to-date PMI-001 practice exam:

Q591. What is the critical chain method? 

A. A technique to calculate the theoretical early start and finish dates and late start and finish dates 

B. A schedule network analysis technique that modifies the project schedule to account for limited resources 

C. A schedule compression technique that analyzes cost and schedule trade-offs to determine how to obtain the greatest amount of compression for the least incremental cost 

D. A technique to estimate project duration when there is a limited amount of detailed information about the project 

Answer: B 

Q592. Which document defines how a project is executed, monitored and controlled, and closed? 

A. Strategic plan 

B. Project charter 

C. Project management plan 

D. Service level agreement 

Answer: C 

Q593. A project manager seeking insight on previous stakeholder management plans and their effectiveness should evaluate: 

A. Historical information and the lessons-learned database. 

B. Historical information and the stakeholder register. 

C. Organizational process assets and the lessons-learned database. 

D. Project documents and historical information. 

Answer: A 

Q594. Project Stakeholder Management focuses on: 

A. project staff assignments 

B. project tea m acquisition 

C. managing conflicting interests 

D. communication methods 

Answer: C 

Q595. Which items are components of a project management plan? 

A. Change management plan, process improvement plan, and scope management plan 

B. Agreements, procurement management plan, and work performance information 

C. Schedule management plan, project schedule, and resource calendars 

D. Scope baseline, project statement of work, and requirements traceability matrix 

Answer: A 

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Certified PMI-001 braindumps:

Q596. Which schedule network analysis technique modifies the project schedule to account for limited resources? 

A. Human resource planning 

B. Fast tracking 

C. Critical chain method 

D. Rolling wave planning 

Answer: C 

Q597. The following is a network diagram for a project. 

The free float for Activity H is how many days? 

A. 4 

B. 5 

C. 10 

D. 11 

Answer: A 

Q598. Which process involves developing an approximation of the monetary resources needed to complete project activities? 

A. Estimate Costs 

B. Control Costs 

C. Determine Budget 

D. Plan Cost Management 

Answer: A 

Q599. Which Process Group contains the processes performed to complete the work defined in the project management plan to satisfy the project specifications? 

A. Initiating 

B. Planning 

C. Executing 

D. Closing 

Answer: C 

Q600. Which process numerically analyzes the effect of identified risks on overall project objectives? 

A. Plan Risk Management 

B. Plan Risk Responses 

C. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis 

D. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis 

Answer: C 

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