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2016 Apr PMI-002 Study Guide Questions:

Q274. How many communication channels will be required in a project having five individual participants?

A. 10

B. 12

C. 4

D. 5

Answer: A

Q275. When you are developing the estimates for project, you choose to add the individual estimates for the activities that comprise each phase. What type of estimation method are you using?

A. Parametric estimating

B. Bottom-up estimating

C. Top-down estimating

D. Analogous estimating

Answer: B

Q276. The PERT method is MOST used in situations where

A. if Is important to know the inter relationships of activities

B. Little is known about the cost estimated related to the project

C. Little experience exists on which to base estimated of activity duration

D. Resource requirements are well define

Answer: C

Q277. A change requests can occur due to:

A. An external event such as a change in government regulation.

B. An error or omission in defining the scope of the product.

C. An error or omission in defining the scope of the project.

D. all of the above

Answer: D

Q278. You are managing a project that will implement a new MARKETING software package. You have assigned the resources and want to keep the IT manager in the loop by informing him or her of your decisions. Which type of organizational structure are you working in?

A. Pi'ojectized

B. Strong Matrix

C. Weak Matrix

D. Functional

Answer: B

Q279. You are project manager and during the course of a project, the number of team members increases form six to ten. How many ADDITIONAL lines of communication channel now exist?

A. 10

B. 35

C. 30

D. 55

Answer: C

Q280. The sender is responsible for __________.

A. Confirming that the message is understood

B. Ensuring that the receiver agrees with the message

C. Scheduling communication exchange

D. Presenting the message in the most agreeable manner

Answer: A

Q281. Project Managers have maximum authority in which type of organization?

A. Weak Matrix organization

B. Strong Matrix

C. Balanced Matrix organization

D. None

Answer: B

Q282. Which of the following plans is not done during the writing of a project plan?

A. Executive Communication

B. Risk Management

C. Quality Management

D. Scope Statement

Answer: A


Most schedule simulations are based on some form of which of the following?

A. Delphi



D. Monte Carlo Analysis

Answer: D

Q284. With triangular distribution, the low, likely and high values are 20, 30 and 40, respectively. The mean is _____.

A. 30.0

B. 22.5

C. 25.0

D. 27.5

Answer: A

Q285. The major project scope management processes include:

A. Change order control

B. Initiation

C. Program evaluation

D. Scope validation

Answer: B

Q286. Which of the following is controlling changes to the budget.

A. Control Costs

B. Estimate Costs

C. Determine Budget

D. None

Answer: A

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Q287. Life cycle costing ________________.

A. Includes acquisition, operating, and disposal costs when evaluating various alternatives

B. Includes only the cost of the development or acquisition of a product or service

C. Does not take into consideration the effect of project decisions on the cost of using the resulting product

D. Both B and c

Answer: A

Q288. Work packages are described in the __________.

A. Work breakdown structure

B. Work charter

C. Statement of work

D) Q Work project plan

Answer: A

Q289. The two closing procedures are called:

A. Contract close out and Verify Scope

B. Contract close out and administrative closure

C. Project closure and product verification

D. Project closure and lessons learned

Answer: B

Q290. Which of the following are not functions of the project kick off meeting?

A. Identifying project goals

B. Obtaining commitment

C. Presenting the project cost

D. Introducing the stakeholders

Answer: C

Q291. Your project is moving ahead of schedule. Management elects to incorporate additional quality testing into the project to improve the quality and acceptability of the project deliverable. This is an example of which one of the following?

A. Scope creep

B. Change control

C. Quality Assurance

D. Integrated Change Control

Answer: D

Q292. Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding various Activity Scheduling tools?

A. PDM allows for conditional branching and iteration of activities.

B. PDM uses activity-on-node (AON) diagramming method.

C. PDM allows for conditional branching and iteration of activities.

D. PDM uses analogous methods as an estimation technique.

Answer: B

Q293. Complete final contract performance reporting and verify product is done in _______.

A. Plan Procurements

B. Conduct Procurements

C. Administer Procurements

D. Close Procurements

Answer: D

Q294. You are project manager of a project. A scope change requested by a client after acceptance of the design has a potential impact on several components of the project. What do you do?

A. Convince the client to postpone the change.

B. Estimate the impact to the cost and schedule and the approval before proceeding.

C. Make the change if it is critical, regardless of its cost and impact, and in form the change control boar

Answer: B

Q295. The receiver filters messages based on all but the following:

A. Culture

B. Semantics

C. Language

D. Distance

Answer: D

Q296. Knowledge of best practices in a particular area is most likely to give rise to which of the following dependencies:

A. Finish-to-Start dependency

B. External dependency

C. Mandatory dependency

D. Soft Logic

Answer: D

Q297. Which of the following statements are false about Expected Monetary Value Analysis (EMV).

A. EMV is a statistical concept that calculates the average outcome of project outcomes based on various assumptions and scenarios.

B. Decision tree analysis is a type of EMV analysis.

C. EMV is a tool/technique of Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis.

D. EMV is calculated by multiplying the value of each possible outcome by its probability of occurrence, and summing them together.

Answer: C

Q298. The one document that should always be used to help identify risk is _______.

A. Risk Management Plan


C. Scope Statement

D. Project Charter

Answer: B

Q299. Assumptions in the project plan should be _________.

A. Written down

B. Understandable

C. Not understandable

D. No need to write

Answer: A

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Q300. A Three-Point Estimates include_________.

A. Most Likely

B. Optimistic

C. Pessimistic

D. All

Answer: D

Q301. Which of the following is useful in Identify Risks because it permits a systemic evaluation of the work?

A. Work breakdown structure.

B. Design specification

C. Project slow chart

D. Project chart

Answer: A

Q302. Percent complete is calculated by _________.





Answer: C

Q303. Create Procurement document is done in _______.

A. Plan Procurements

B. Conduct Procurements

C. Administer Procurements

D. Close Procurements

Answer: A

Q304. You are the project manager of the MKTG Project. The project has a budget of $200,000 and is expected to last 2 years. The project is now 20 percent complete and is on schedule. What is the BAC?

A. $-00,000

B. $200,00

C. $50,000

D. None of the above

Answer: A

Q305. The planning processes are:

A. Define Scope, Resource planning, Estimate Costs, Schedule development. Define Activities

B. Inputs, Control, Status reports, Risk management

C. Planning, Resource planning, Quality assurance, Risk control

D. Define Scope, Team development, Control Schedule, Budget control, Contract administration

Answer: A

Q306. Which of the following is not a tool or technique used during the Risk Quantification Process?

A. Expected Monetary Value

B. Contingency planning

C. Decision Trees

D. Statistical sums

Answer: B

Q307. Which of the following best describes a sub network?

A. Fragment Network



D. A0N

Answer: A

Q308. You are a project manager and now you are in the middle of comparing proposals received from sellers. Comparing proposals received from sellers are done in _________.

A. Plan Procurements

B. Conduct Procurements

C. Administer Procurements

D. Close Procurements

Answer: B

Q309. The primary output of the project closing process ____________.

A. To formalize and distribute all information pertaining to the project closing

B. Lessons learned

C. To get customer and sponsor approval

D. Milestone list

Answer: A

Q310. The normal risk of doing business that carries opportunities for both gain and loss is called _______________.

A. Favourable risk

B. Opportunity risk

C. Pure risk

D. Business risk

Answer: D

Q311. Which of the following could be an appropriate WBS code for a work package at the fourth level in a WBS where the top level code is 1.0?

A. 1.4



D. b and c

Answer: D

Q312. The Sales VP approaches you to change the visitor logon screen on the company's website to include a user name with at least eight characters. This is considered

A. project initiation

B. a Project

C. ongoing operations

D. project execution

Answer: C

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