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2016 Apr PMI-SP Study Guide Questions:

Q76. You are the project manager of the NNN Project. Stakeholders in the two-year project have requested to send status reports to them via email every week. You have agreed and are sending the reports on each Thursday. After six months of the project, the stakeholders are pleased with the project progress and they would like you to reduce the status reports to every two weeks. What process will examine the change to this project process and implement it in the project?

A. Project change control process

B. Perform integrated change control process

C. Configuration management

D. Communications management

Answer: B

Q77. A company hires a scheduler for one of its projects. What skills should he possess to efficiently work with the project team? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose three.

A. Performance control

B. Execution scheduling

C. Leadership

D. Feasibility planning

Answer: ABD

Q78. Donna's project has a budget at completion of $1,987,560 and she is currently 40 percent complete. Her project schedule called for her to be 45 percent complete but there have been some complications in the project. These complications have caused Donna to spend $125,000 more than what the work she has completed is worth. Based on this information what is the cost performance index (CPI) for Donna's project?

A. 86

B. $920,024

C. .90

D. .86

Answer: D

Q79. Mary is the project manager of the H1QZ Project. This project is a subproject of the HQZ Project and the project schedule is fixed and cannot vary. Stephen, a project team member, reports that he's having trouble completing his project assignment and will likely be at least two days late.

Examine the figure given below:

If Stephen's assignment is Activity B, what impact will his two days of lateness have on the project end date?

A. The project will complete on time.

B. The project will be late by one day.

C. The project will be late by two days.

D. The project will be early by two days.


Q80. Once the project's WBS has been created what process may happen next?

A. Estimate activity resources

B. Define activities

C. Estimate activity durations

D. Sequence activities

Answer: B

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Q81. You are the project manager of the GHY Project. This project is scheduled to last for one year and has a BAC of $4,500,000. You are currently 45 percent complete with this project, though you are up posed to be at your second milestone which accounts for half of the project completion. There have been some errors in the project which has caused you to spend $2,073,654. What is this project's schedule variance?

A. 10 percent

B. -$48,654

C. -$225,000

D. 0.98

Answer: C

Q82. You are the project manager of the GHY project. Your project has a BAC of $675,000 and is forty percent complete though you were supposed to be forty-five percent complete. Due to some errors early in the project, you had to spend $278,000 of your project's budget to reach this point. Management is asking for a variance report. What part of your project has the largest variance?

A. Cost, with a variance of -$8,000

B. Schedule, with a variance of -$33,750

C. Cost, with a variance of $278,000

D. Schedule, with a variance of -$20,000

Answer: B

Q83. Which of the following provides a method to track project progress during project execution against what was planned?

A. Team members profile

B. Benefit-cost ratio

C. Schedule baseline

D. Detailed project budget

Answer: C

Q84. You work as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. Which of the following tools/techniques will you use to demonstrate how a process behaves over time, and when a process is subject to special cause variation, resulting in an out-of-control condition?

A. Pareto Chart

B. Ishikawa Diagram

C. Scatter Chart

D. Control Chart

Answer: D

Q85. You are the project manager for GGY Project. You are working with your project team to record the actual durations for the activities they have completed in the project schedule. Mary, one of your project team members, wants to know why you need to know how long it actually took the project team to complete their assignments as long as the project work is completed. Which of the following is the best response for Mary's query?

A. Actual durations need to be recorded to track process improvement.

B. Actual durations need to be recorded to create the schedule baseline.

C. Actual durations need to be recorded to measure the actual progress of the project.

D. Actual durations need to be recorded to perform quality control on the project management processes.

Answer: C

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Q86. Della works as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. She has asked her assistant Beth to provide activity duration estimate for an activity. Beth provides Della the following estimate chart:

What will be the activity duration according to the PERT three-point analysis?

A. 19

B. 24

C. 29

D. 46

Answer: C

Q87. You are the project manager of the NHQ project. This project deals with a new technology you’re your company has never used before. You have petitioned the management to hire a consultant to help you and the project team to create the WBS, the activity list, and complete the duration estimates. The management is concerned about the costs of the consultant, but agrees to your request because of the nature of this new work. The consultant can best be described as what type of resource for this project?

A. Direct expense

B. External requirement

C. Temporary resource

D. Expert judgment

Answer: D

Q88. You are the project manager of the QAQ Project. The QAQ Project has a BAC of $2,786,121. You are currently 20 percent complete with this project, though you should be 25 percent complete with the project work. The project has consumed $595,000 of the project budget to date. Management has asked you, based on the current project performance, what the project's estimate to complete will be considering the current project schedule variance. What is the ETC for this project?

A. $2,975,000

B. 1.02

C. $139,306

D. $2,380,000

Answer: D

Q89. You work as a Project Manager for Tech Perfect Inc. Several projects are running under your supervision. Martha, a team leader of a project, informs you about the performance indexes of her project. The schedule performance index (SPI) of her project is 0.835. What does this figure indicate?

A. The schedule performance is right on target.

B. The schedule performance is better than expected.

C. The cost performance is better than expected.

D. The schedule performance is below expectation.

Answer: D

Q90. You work as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. Which of the following techniques will you use to determine whether particular work can best be accomplished by the project team or must be purchased from the outside sources?

A. Contract Types

B. Expert Judgment

C. Procurement Negotiations

D. Make-or-Buy Analysis

Answer: D

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