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2016 Mar SGO-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q121. A pair of SAN-attached servers will be clustered using host clustering, which of the following should the storage administrator do to support that configuration?

A. Volumes should be mapped to one server and then the second server will provide redundancy

B. Shared volumes should be mapped to both servers via a single storage interface.

C. Storage volumes from separate storage arrays should be mapped to each server via separate fabrics.

D. Shared volumes should be mapped to both servers via multiple storage interfaces.

Answer: D

Q122. How many disks are required to create RAID 3 utilizing five data drives with a hot spare?

A. 5

B. 6

C. 7

D. 10

Answer: C

Q123. For which of the following thresholds would it be MOST important to set an alert for thin provisioned storage?

A. Write cache used

B. Fragmentation percentage


D. Capacity used

Answer: D

Q124. In a redundant fabric configuration, which of the following is the MINIMUM number of single port HBAs that a server must have, to sustain a single fabric failure?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 4

D. 8

Answer: B

Q125. An administrator would like to connect a server to the local VSAN fabric. Which of the following would MOST likely need to be installed in the server?


B. SAS expander

C. iSCSI controller

D. TOE card

Answer: A

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Q126. To provide increased storage availability, the system administrator purchased a storage array with two controllers. Which of the following is a reason a server would lose its storage when only one of the storage controllers fails?

A. Improper multipathing configuration

B. Hard zoning has been implemented

C. The switch fabric is not redundant

D. SCSI disks have not been properly terminated

Answer: A

Q127. Which of the following is an open management standard specifically for storage?





Answer: C

Q128. Which of the following storage types is BEST suited for data immutability?





Answer: C

Q129. Which of the following scenarios is the BEST candidate for thin provisioning?

A. A database application that grows and contracts several times per day

B. Storage utilization patterns that are slow and/or predictable

C. Many high-utilization applications that tend to grow at the same time of every month

D. Unexpected storage usage patterns are common

Answer: B

Q130. Which of the following is used when interconnecting FC switches?




D. Trunking

Answer: C

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Q131. Which of the following tools would be used to securely administer and configure various network devices?

A. Telnet




Answer: D

Q132. Which of the following technologies enables storage blocks to be reused following data deletion?

A. Redundant fabrics

B. Thin reclamation

C. Parity protection

D. Storage virtualization

Answer: B

Q133. Given the below system requirements:

- Two Fabrics

- Each fabric has 4 switches, 1 core director and 3 edge switches

- A new storage array is being added

- HA environment that is fully redundant

Where would a storage administrator MOST likely place the storage and how many connections would the administrator need to connect the array to the environment?

A. Connected to the core; all connections from the storage array controller 1 go to fabric A and controller 2 goes to fabric B.

B. Connected to the edge switches; each controller has its connections balanced between all edge switches on both fabrics.

C. Connected to the edge switches; controller 1 has its connections balanced between all edge switches on fabric A, controller 2 has its connections balanced between all edge switches on fabric B.

D. Connected to the core; half of the connections to each storage array controller connects to each of the fabrics.

Answer: D

Q134. Which of the following features can automatically facilitate a vendor service call in the event of a SAN component failure?

A. Predictive trending

B. SMS alert to administrator

C. Call home


Answer: C

Q135. Asynchronous replication is defined as which of the following?

A. Data write is acknowledged to the host at the secondary site only, and then sent to primary site as network availability permits.

B. Data write is acknowledged to the host at the primary site only and then sent to secondary site as network capabilities allow.

C. Data write is not acknowledged to the host until transfer has been verified by secondary controller.

D. Data write is acknowledged to the host at both primary and secondary simultaneous^ and transferred as network capabilities allow.

Answer: B

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