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2016 May TK0-201 Study Guide Questions:

Q51. Which of the following questioning techniques is BEST suited to engage learners right after a lunch break?

A. Close-ended review questions

B. Pop quiz with ranking questions

C. Questions about what they expect to learn next

D. Probing review questions

Answer: D

Q52. A learner seems to understand the material yet still has a question concerning it. Which of the following actions will BEST facilitate the learner?

A. Request other learners share their experiences with similar material.

B. Clearly and concisely answer the learner's question.

C. Have the learners get into groups and discuss the question.

D. Guide the learner to answering their own question.

Answer: D

Q53. Which of the following BEST describes the learner benefits of minimal note taking during an instructor led presentation or lecture?

A. Minimizing note taking provides a new approach that will likely gain the approval of the student group creating a pleasant learning environment.

B. The instructor will waste valuable time giving instruction on note taking prior to delivering the presentation.

C. Instructor notes given to learners will contain more detail and will ensure that all the learners have the same information to work from.

D. The effort required in extensive note taking could be better directed toward the processing of the information being presented.

Answer: B

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Improved tk0-201 pdf:

Q54. Which of the following statements describes a good method to motivate learners to ask questions?

A. Acknowledge and appreciate all questions asked.

B. Leave questions for the end of class.

C. Redirect questions to the other learners.

D. Call out learners individually.

Answer: A

Q55. Right after a break in a classroom setting, a learner asks for a broader explanation of the last topic discussed. After a more detailed explanation, the learner states, "I'm still not seeing that." Which of the following should the instructor do to bring clarity to the topic?

A. Use a whiteboard or flip chart to draw a graphic that illustrates the concept.

B. Redirect the question to the class using active listening.

C. Ask the learner to remain after class to discuss the concept further.

D. Ask the learner. "Which aspect can I help explain further?"

Answer: A


In order to understand and answer a learner's question, an effective active listening technique would be to: (Select TWO).

A. Refer the question to another learner.

B. Repeat the question back to the learner.

C. Ask the learner if the question was answered.

D. Answer the question immediately.

E. Quiz the learner on the material.

Answer: BC


Precise comptia tk0-201:

Q57. Which of the following is an essential technique for holding a learner's attention?

A. Providing a model for professional and interpersonal behavior

B. Using humorous stories to interest learners in the course content

C. Asking open-ended questions and allowing sufficient time for learners to elaborate on their responses

D. Using eye contact to engage learners when making an oral presentation

Answer: D

Q58. At the beginning of a training session, a trainer instructed the learners to use Brand X computers because the instructional design assumes Brand X computers. Many learners objected. They felt that since they will be using Brand Y computers at work, they should work on Brand Y computers in the room. If the instructor needs to use Brand X computers to instruct, which of the following is the MOST appropriate way to respond to the learners' need to be able to apply course materials to job requirements?

A. First explain to the class how the materials apply to Brand X. and then do the same for Brand

B. Do not mention either brand by name, but refer learners to the manual covering each of the respective brands.

C. Provide a guide that relates Brand X to Brand Y computer functions

D. After providing the planned instruction on the Brand X computers, discuss differences that Brand Y computers present to the user.

Answer: D

Q59. An instructor is presenting a technical class through a virtual classroom. The instructor provides an essay question for the learners to verify the comprehension of the topic and asks for the answers to be posted to the instructor in private chat. After a few minutes, learners begin sending in their answers and all the responses are identical. Which of the following methods of evaluation would have been BEST to utilize in this situation?

A. Various questions to each learner individually

B. Ask probing questions to individual learners

C. Use an online multiple choice exam

D. Perform a survey of the class and the understanding of the topics

Answer: B

Q60. An instructor is delivering a course session that has a small amount of content and an adequate amount of time. Which of the following question types is BEST for this situation?

A. Closed-ended

B. Guiding

C. Open-ended

D. Hypothetical

Answer: C

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