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2016 Jul testking tk0-201:

Q1. Which of the following methods encourages learners to resolve their own inquiries?

A. Hypothetical questions

B. Guiding questions

C. Direct questions

D. Closed questions

Answer: B

Q2. An instructor is discussing key material for a course when a learner asks a question that will lead to material that the class is not yet prepared for. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the instructor?

A. Inform the learner that the question can be asked during a break

B. Answer the question as not doing so may cause the learner to be confused.

C. Defer the question and assure the learner that it will be covered later in the course.

D. Inform the learner that the question falls outside of scope and will not be answered.

Answer: C

Q3. An instructor is conducting a virtual classroom with an international audience and finds that any single method used for delivery of the material leaves about a third of the learners uninvolved.

Which of the following is the BEST course of action?

A. Send out a public message to the class asking which method of delivery is working best for the class

B. Send out a private message to each learner asking which method of delivery is working best for them

C. Query for commonalities amongst the learners,

D. Continue to use multiple means of delivery

Answer: D

Q4. Which of the following would BEST identify a need for additional explanation? (Select TWO)

A. Learners' poor evaluation of the course delivery

B. Learners' promptness to class

C. Learners' questions and comments

D. Learners' evaluation of the course design

E. Learners' body language

Answer: D

Q5. During a lecture, learners continuously interrupt by asking each other questions over the topic. Which of the following should the instructor do to better assist the learners during the class?

A. Ask each learner to stop disrupting the lecture.

B. Open opportunities for learners to ask questions.

C. Have the learners removed from the lecture.

D. Discontinue the lecture until the learners are quiet.

Answer: B

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Q6. During a computer software training class the projector fails. Which of the following should the instructor do FIRST?

A. Attempt to quickly fix the projector.

B. Move the class to another room.

C. Take a class break and find another projector.

D. Cancel the class and reschedule for a later date.

Answer: A

Q7. An instructor perceives that a learner is continually flirting with the instructor during class.

Which of the following should the instructor do to reduce the distraction level caused by the learner?

A. Remove the learner immediately from the class. Report the behavior to the learner's manager.

B. Avoid eye contact and continue with the class. Report the behavior to the learner's manager.

C. Move the learner to a more distant location from the instructor. Report the behavior to the learner's manager.

D. Discuss the behavior with the learner at a break. Report the behavior to the learner's manager.

Answer: B

Q8. While an instructor is answering questions during a course it is BEST for them to:

A. Answer the learner's questions by completely verifying their understanding of the subject.

B. Answer the question by referencing supporting documentation so the documents become tools.

C. Preface the answer with the learning objective and referenced section of the training course.

D. Create an open culture of information taken from every learner's background and job experience.

Answer: B

Q9. An instructor uses multiple forms of media to help the class understand a difficult topic. Unfortunately learners are still having a hard time with the concept. Noticing difficulty, the instructor creates another learning tool to explain the topic another way. Which of the following BEST describes the skill the instructor is using?

A. Create opportunities for learners to contribute to the discussion

B. Plan and use a variety of reinforcement techniques during training

C. Adapt learning methods as intended by the course designers

D. Enhance, substitute or create media as appropriate

Answer: D

Q10. An instructor evaluates learners using both written and oral exams and multiple choice quizzes. Which of the following should be added for a complete evaluation of each learner?

A. Observations

B. Course evaluations

C. Independent study

D. Uniform testing

Answer: A

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