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2016 Apr TK0-201 Study Guide Questions:

Q16. An instructor is explaining a topic and realizes that the learners seem confused. Which of the following approaches would BEST clarify the topic?

A. Repeat the explanation of the topic.

B. Use a real-world reference.

C. Use humor to explain the topic.

D. Start asking the learners closed-ended questions about the topic.

Answer: B

Q17. An instructor is almost finished completing a course and has a very dissatisfied learner. Which of the following would be the BEST course of action to help the learner?

A. Ask other learners if they had issues with the course.

B. Offer the learner a refund on the course,

C. Ask the learner if they had an issue with the course.

D. Invite the learner back to retake the course.

Answer: C

Q18. An instructor is instructing a virtual class and a computer virus has reduced bandwidth making video and audio impossible at several locations. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate action for the instructor to take?

A. Overnight all course materials to the learners who could not participate in the recorded session.

B. Contact the system administrator and hold the session open until the bandwidth issue is corrected.

C. Cancel the current session and compress the remaining sessions to finish on schedule.

D. Inform the learners who could not actively participate to review the recorded session.

Answer: D

Q19. Which of the following would an instructor do with a new class to get the learners involved?

A. Have the learners introduce themselves.

B. Lecture on the topic and then ask questions about the lecture.

C. Have the learners stand around and talk to each other.

D. Give a survey to assess each learner's knowledge.

Answer: A

Q20. While conducting a lab exercise a learner states that they cannot complete the lab due to lack of confidence. Which of the following options is the BEST way to handle this situation?

A. Give the learner encouraging comments.

B. Assign an easier lab to increase the learner confidence.

C. Recommend that the learner take a pre-requisite class to increase their confidence.

D. Give the learner extra materials to practice the exercise.

Answer: A

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Q21. If a class has some slow learners and some fast learners, which of the following is the correct pace in which to present material to the class?

A. To the pace of the slowest learner

B. To the pace of the average learner

C. To the pace of the course suggestions

D. To the pace of the fastest learner

Answer: B

Q22. An instructor asks a question and notices that most of the learners seem distracted and are looking out the windows. Which of the following is the BEST approach to this problem?

A. Call on a specific learner to answer the question.

B. Turn the question into an exercise.

C. Rephrase the question using an appropriate frame of reference.

D. Wait a little longer until someone answers the question.

Answer: A

Q23. An instructor is teaching a week long course for a vendor certification. A few learners are slowing the class down due to the lack of experience with the product. The rest of the learners are doing fine with the pace of the class. Which of the following would the instructor do to BEST assist the less experienced learners?

A. Slow the pace of the training down to ensure all the learners are learning at the same level.

B. Maintain the same pace of the class and work individually with the less experienced learners.

C. Suggest the learners retake the course again at a later time when they have more experience.

D. Allow the less experienced learners to have additional lab time before or after class.

Answer: D

Q24. During a virtual class the instructor has a learner that seems to be growing increasingly confused and now has questions that are distracting the rest of the class. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the instructor to take?

A. Inform the class that they need to move on to new material.

B. Take the learner's questions into private chat.

C. Use the learner's questions to reinforce the material for the entire class.

D. Recommend the learner seek outside tutoring.

Answer: B

Q25. A presentation heavy with procedural details was just completed. The subsequent demonstration exercise is not flowing well. Which of the following will be the MOST productive assistance the instructor can provide?

A. Review the presentation in more detail.

B. Hand out copies of the procedure from the slide presentation.

C. Ask probing questions to trigger the learner's memory of the procedure.

D. Quickly lead the learners in a question and answer session.

Answer: B

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Q26. An instructor has just covered a particularly difficult topic in class. To ensure that the learners understand the material which kind of questioning would be most helpful?

A. Higher order

B. Clarifying

C. Hypothetical

D. Closed-ended

Answer: B

Q27. An instructor is previewing the class materials for a course. The instructor notices that a method to monitor learner progress is not included with the course materials. Which of the following should the instructor do NEXT?

A. Administer a survey following the course to gauge learner understanding.

B. Encourage learners to enroll in a subsequent class to reinforce all of the material covered.

C. Immediately consult the client to determine why a method to monitor learner progress was not included.

D. Develop appropriate questions to be included during the course to monitor the progress of all learners.

Answer: D

Q28. Which of the following BEST describes a situation in which it would be acceptable for an instructor to use appropriate colloquialisms, technical terms and acronyms in a classroom setting?

A. When the instructor has polled the participants and all agree that they should be used

B. When the course ware specifies that technical jargon can be used

C. If the instructor had received permission from management

D. When facilitating a subject related to a profession in which the learners are highly familiar with the terms

Answer: D

Q29. An instructor is discussing key material for a course when a learner asks a question that will lead to material that the class is not yet prepared for. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the instructor?

A. Inform the learner that the question can be asked during a break

B. Answer the question as not doing so may cause the learner to be confused.

C. Defer the question and assure the learner that it will be covered later in the course.

D. Inform the learner that the question falls outside of scope and will not be answered.

Answer: C

Q30. An instructor is preparing to deliver a hands-on lab course. The client provides material and asks the instructor to develop a method to determine the skill increase from the course. Which of the following should the instructor prepare?

A. A pre-class and post-class assessment

B. A verbal quiz to be given at the end of each course topic

C. A comprehensive lab that incorporates all of the skills taught in the course

D. A written exam to be given at the completion of the course

Answer: A

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