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Exam Code: TK0-201 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CTT+ Exam (Certified Technical Trainer)
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2016 Apr TK0-201 Study Guide Questions:

Q91. During an exercise an instructor notices a learner that is avoiding eye contact and not working. Which of the following actions should the instructor take?

A. Directly ask the learner during the exercise if there is a problem.

B. Discreetly go over to the learner and ask if help is needed.

C. Call on the learner to answer a question.

D. Ask an advanced learner to assist this learner.

Answer: B

Q92. An instructor is observing participants during an exercise in a classroom environment. The MOST appropriate feedback to offer is:

A. Outline two specific things the participant did well, and one specific opportunity for improvement.

B. Spend most of the time focusing on the participants' weaknesses.

C. Focus on all the participants' positive skills in order to build esteem.

D. Tell everyone that they did a really good job.

Answer: A

Q93. An instructor has been assigned to work with a learner in a one-to-one setting to improve the learner's understanding of a particular subject. When they meet, the learner seems uninterested and unmotivated by the subject. Which of the following would be the BEST way for the instructor to motivate the learner?

A. The instructor should include more handouts, charts and graphs in the instruction period; this will keep the learner on task.

B. The instructor should remind the learner of the benefits of one-to-one instruction and that they need to apply themselves more during the instruction periods.

C. The instructor should assign additional research to the learner; this will increase the learner's familiarity and interest in the subject.

D. The instructor should strive to find out what interests the learner and incorporate these things into each instruction period.

Answer: C

Q94. In a virtual classroom, which of the following would be the BEST reason for an instructor to poll the learners?

A. Allows the instructor to deliver exams to each student

B. Allows the learners to interact with one another

C. Allows the instructor to survey the class

D. Allows the instructor to see which learners are participating

Answer: C

Q95. An instructor has become ill and cannot continue a course. A new instructor is brought in, but has received no knowledge transfer from the previous instructor. Which of the following is the BEST option to assess the learner's knowledge level quickly?

A. Proceed with the course at a beginner level

B. Ask the learners during introductions

C. Assume all learners' knowledge is equal

D. Administer a written pre-test

Answer: B

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Q96. When a company provides training for their employees, which category on an evaluation will be MOST beneficial to the instructor?

A. Business results

B. Environment

C. Learning effectiveness

D. Courseware

Answer: C

Q97. A learner is asking a question but the instructor does not clearly understand what the learner is asking. Which of the following should the instructor do?

A. Ask the learner to see the instructor during a break

B. Answer the question as the instructor understood it

C. Ask another learner if they understood the question

D. Ask the learner to repeat the question

Answer: D

Q98. Which of the following is the BEST example of a probing questioning?

A. Ask a question about a scenario that relates to a subject or process.

B. Ask a general question followed by more detailed questions on a subject or process.

C. Ask a basic question and ask the learner to apply a real world answer.

D. Ask a specific question and then have it redirected to other learners to probe their understanding

Answer: B

Q99. During introductions a learner asks if a related topic can be reviewed during the course; however, the topic is outside the prescribed course material. Which of the following is the BEST way to handle this request?

A. Review the topic in the next more advanced course.

B. Extend the length of the course to include the topic.

C. Remove a section from the course material to make room for the requested topic.

D. Include the topic without modifying the course material.

Answer: D

Q100. An instructor decides to divide their class into groups. In order to motivate the learners in the groups the instructor designs the groups and the activity such that the: (Select TWO).

A. Learners need to complete a small part of a larger project without seeing the final outcome.

B. Learners are paired with the members they feel most comfortable with.

C. Learners have more autonomy over the direction of the activity.

D. Activity is relevant to the learners job function as it relates to the material.

E. Skill level is below that of the class, making the activity easy to complete and building the learners esteem.

Answer: CD

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Q101. An instructor needs to motivate a learner to complete a course, but the learner is not excited about the course due to lack of knowledge. Which of the following is the BEST motivation method?

A. Implement more real life scenarios into the instruction to make the learner more interested.

B. Create a group for this learner to work with to make the learner feel more comfortable.

C. Give the learner words of affirmation and tell them the instructor is available after class.

D. Pair the learner with a more knowledgeable learner in the class so the learner can keep up with the class.

Answer: C

Q102. For this question, decide whether the action makes it likely or unlikely that an instructor will achieve the goal. Select the BEST statement that explains why the action is likely or unlikely to accomplish the goal.

GOAL: To employ instructional techniques appropriate to methods and instructional situations prescribed

ACTION: At the completion of each of the courseware's modules, the instructor lists additional reference materials and suggests additional exercises for the students.

A. Likely, because the offering of additional learning exercises extends the learning concepts detailed in the courseware

B. Likely, because the instructor is using experience with the courseware to supplement where necessary.

C. Unlikely, because the instructor is relying on student motivation rather than instruction techniques.

D. Unlikely, because the offering of additional material would be of little relevance to the students.

Answer: C

Q103. An instructor is beginning a course and wants to measure the level of expertise of the learners. Which of the following is the BEST method for measuring the level of understanding over the course material?

A. Ask the learners about their level of understanding over the course material.

B. Assume that the class has a medium level of understanding over the course material.

C. Deliver a pre-test covering the course objectives.

D. Ask another instructor who has taught the learners before.

Answer: C

Q104. The Human Resources department is conducting a class for new employees when the air conditioning stops working. Which of the following should the instructor do FIRST?

A. Report the incident to the maintenance department

B. Tell the employees it is not unbearable and continue with the course

C. Cancel the class and reschedule the class for another time.

D. Continue on with the instruction ignoring the temperature issue.

Answer: A

Q105. An instructor uses formative assessment in their classroom. This form of assessment can help the learners learn from their mistakes. Which of the following is another way to use this form of assessment?

A. Evaluating the course and modifications made during the course

B. Giving the learners a grade

C. To emphasize the amount of work the learners did

D. Use to report the work to the learners supervisors

Answer: A

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