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2016 May VCP550D Study Guide Questions:

Q121. An application team is implementing a new solution in the virtualized environment. The application vendor states the application is memory intensive. The application is very unstable when operating without adequate on-demand access to physical memory. The application's virtual machines are assigned to the Mission Critical resource pool.

Which resource pool setting will help ensure the application has adequate access to memory?


D. Auto Deploy installation

Answer: A

VCP550D  question

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Q124. An administrator attempts to install vCenter Single Sign-On Server. The installer returns an error message indicating that the installation failed. Prior to the installation, all setup prerequisites were met. The administrator has generated a vCenter Server Single Sign-On support bundle.

Which two files should the administrator analyze to determine the cause of the failure? (Choose two.)

A. Server\utils\logs\imsTrace.log

B. Server\utils\logs\install.txt

C. %TEMP%\utils\logs\vminst.log

D. %TEMP%\vminst.log

Answer: AD

Q125. An administrator needs to configure a Linux virtual machine template to support guest customization. The administrator has installed VMware Tools.

Which additional component is necessary to enable Linux guest OS customization?

A. Perl

B. bash

C. Python

D. Sysprep

Answer: A

Q126. -- Exhibit –

-- Exhibit --

An ESXi host's networking is configured as shown. The virtual machine named Fileserver01 is unable to ping anything on an external network:

Which condition would explain this behavior?

A. The vSwitch1 virtual switch does not have an attached vmnic adapter.

B. The Fileserver01 virtual machine is not running.

C. vSwitch0 is configured to reject MAC address spoofing.

D. vmk0 is using a non-routable IP address.

Answer: D


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Q127. An administrator adds an ESXi 5.x host to the inventory of a vCenter Server that is configured with a vSphere Distributed Switch. The vSphere Web Client indicates that the host is not responding. The administrator determines from the command line that the vpxa agent is stopped.

What should the administrator do to resolve this issue without affecting the uptime of the virtual machines running on the host?

A. Restart the management agents in the host's DCUI

B. Remove and re-add the host to the vCenter inventory

C. Restart the vCenter Server service

D. Type /etc/vmware/vpxa start from the ESXi command line

Answer: A

Q128. A vSphere administrator has configured a virtual machine alarm to trigger a warning when the condition Snapshot Size exceeds 1GB.

Which action should the administrator configure on the alarm to automatically resolve the condition?

A. Delete Snapshot

B. Reset VM

C. Run a Command

D. Consolidate Snapshot

Answer: C

Q129. The vSphere administrator attempts to connect to an ESXi host via an SSH client and receives the following security alert:

-- Exhibit –

-- Exhibit --

The vSphere administrator needs to determine whether the RSA key fingerprint shown in the security alert is the fingerprint of the intended ESXi host.

Which tool should the vSphere administrator use?

A. Direct Console User Interface

B. vSphere Client

C. vSphere Web Client

D. vSphere Management Assistant

Answer: A

Q130. A virtual machine has the following configuration:

Thin provisioned virtual disks

The VMFS datastore on which it resides is on a thin provisioned LUN.

The storage array is VAAI-enabled.

What is the behavior of the virtual machine when it encounters an out-of-space condition?

A. It is suspended.

B. It is gracefully shut down.

C. It is powered off.

D. It is converted to space-efficient sparse.

Answer: A

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